Our Tennis Courts

The fastest drying tennis courts in Sydney.

Super Sopper Tennis Courts
Go out and play just 10 minutes after the rain!

Even though we offer six tennis courts, booking is highly recommended for avoiding disappointments and/or wait.

Following are the information regarding court hire:

  • 7am – 4pm
    Monday – Friday – $25
  • 4pm – 11pm
    Monday – Friday – $30
  • 7am – 11pm
    Weekend/public holidays – $30

The fastest drying tennis courts in Sydney, using Super Sopper, you can go out and play 10 minutes after the rain has stopped.

If you have a booking and for some reason you want to cancel it please do so not later than 24 hours prior to time of the booking.

In case of cancellation for all permanent bookings you are still responsible for payment, unless your time was sold by Management of the Tennis Centre.

Latham Park Tennis South Coogee NSW